Jose Montano and Henry Sanchez Milian are accused in the rape of a teenage girl at Rockville High School in Maryland. Sanchez is suspected of being an undocumented immigrant.

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Kimberly Dearman, a police dispatcher for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, is accusing UW of firing her because she supports Donald Trump’s travel ban.

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Jessica Davis, wife of Detective Michael Davis, is a guest of Donald Trump at his speech to Congress. An illegal immigrant is accused of killing her husband.

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The kids of deported Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos are in the crowd at President Trump’s address to Congress on February 28. They’re guests of two representatives.

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Oscar Hernandez, accused of murdering estranged wife, Nidia Gonzalez, sparking an Amber Alert in Connecticut, is a previously deported undocumented immigrant.

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People held an “I am a Muslim Too” rally in New York City’s Times Square to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration travel ban. See photos.

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Ever Valles and Nathan Valdez are accused of murdering Tim Cruz in the Denver light rail station murder. Valles is also accused of being an illegal immigrant identified by ICE previously.

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Adrian Juarez Noyola is accused of being an illegal undocumented immigrant who crashed into a pole that later electrocuted a Tyler, Texas utility worker.

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Read the full draft memo on National Guard immigration round ups. The White House denies it is mobilizing the guard, and it says the memo was not seriously considered. See the document.

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John Kelly, Homeland Security secretary for Trump, is the author who wrote a draft memo on National Guard immigration round ups, AP reports. Officials deny the report.

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The National Guard might be mobilized by Donald Trump to conduct ICE raids and roundups of illegal undocumented immigrants, according to a new report. But the White House denies it.

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Day Without Immigrants strikes, protests and boycotts are being held around the country on February 16. Find out more about the movement here.

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Daniel Ramirez Medina is the first immigrant “Dreamer” believed to be detained in an ICE raid under Donald Trump, despite being given DACA protection.

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ICE raids and immigration roundups are reportedly occurring in California, Arizona and Texas. Where is the Trump administration rounding up undocumented immigrants?

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Guadalupe Garcia was been detained and to reportedly be deported as part of Donald Trump’s immigration orders. See the videos and pictures from the scene.

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Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos of Mesa, Arizona, has been deported after being arrested by ICE. Protesters tried to prevent her deportation.

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