Real World Skyrim: Part 3

The third chapter of the Skyrim 2012 legacy is here. After their mishap at the convenience store the brothers seek rest, but soon find themselves in the company of a mysterious visitor.

Goldeneye Becomes a Reality

This gamer tries out a new Goldeneye 64 mod and learns an eternal truth – NOTHING is more frustrating than trying to escort Natalya to safety in Goldeneye 64. Nothing.

Assassin’s Creed in Modern Day

Stepping into the shoes of Enzio may not be a virtual reality just yet, but this short depicting Assassin’s Creed in real life doesn’t seem too far off either.

Minecraft: Day One

A man wakes up unaware of where he is in a world that looks like ours, but most certainly is not the same. From that point on it’s just him and his pickaxe in a fight for survival. Totally digging this well done short.

Real World Skyrim: Part 2

A few weeks back we posted the first part of this clever take on Skyrim in the modern world. Now we get the second half of what is sure to be one of the greatest sagas ever told. Or just a cool video of guys screwing around with magic.

Paintball Slingshot Gaming

It’s kinda like Modern Warfare, and with a dash of Dead Space, and a combo of cute hipster chicks. I think we just found the new American pastime.

Real World Skyrim

Skyrim is alive and well in 2012 an oddly enough it looks eerily similar to Clerks. Just a couple dudes hanging at the convenience store, talking about buckets on heads, coin purses and magic stuff.