Master Grief

Turns out that Halo’s Master Chief isn’t such a badass after all, in fact, the guy’s actually kind of a dick.

Hologram Duck Hunt

Mark my words, the the future of gaming won’t take place in your living room, but in the real world. Unfortunately that annoying dog is still going to be around.

Mini Boss

What’s the baseline difference between fantasy and reality? The camera work it would seem.

Gears of War: Mad World Uprising

Paired with the music of Gary Jules and Muse, fighting the locust horde enemy army has never been quite so beautiful. It’s a bloody good time for all.

Game Over Mario

I know a lot of you have already seen this classic, but Mario’s decent to rock bottom is a good reminder to us all: sometimes magic mushrooms and stars are better left alone.

Minecraft Massacre

So what do you do when a Minecraft creeper threatens to screw you out of your diamond gear? Pull out the heavy artillery and waste some creepers of course.

Retro Warfare

You may not be taking on Middle Eastern terrorists, but that’s not to say that space invaders and Pac-Man ghosts are to be taken lightly. Power up!