Real Life Double Dragon

Double Dragon finally gets the real life action it so desperately deserves. Sadly, no spinning tornado kicks.

Splinter Cell: Lightbulb Assassin

Yeah, it was dumb how the guards could never figure out it was you shooting out the lights, nor notice your glowing in the dark goggles. But hey, that’s video games.

Dead Island In Real Life

Where to begin? More likable characters, better health pick-ups (Four Loko for the win) and better graphics .Okay, it’s real life and maybe not a fair comparison.

Gamer Commute

If your real life was more like Grand Theft Auto your morning commute would probably be a little more interesting. We also get a nice nod to Frogger, too.

Metal Slug In Real Life

Super Mario elements brought into the real word are a dime a dozen. But Metal Slug? Now that’s something different. As well as bloody as all heck.

Portal: No Escape

Portal has had more fan flicks, mash-ups and spoofs than just about any game in recent memory. So how about one more, very well made short film to top off that plate of Portal goodness?

Wolfenstein 3D in Real Life

One of the original first person shooter games gets thrown into the real world, complete with Nazis, attack dogs and the always popular, Hitler Death Cam.