The Raven Movie Reveiw

Life imitates art in director James McTeigue’s preposterous but entertaining gothic thriller starring John Cusack as drunken writer turned action hero, Edgar Allan Poe.

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This week’s new movie releases include Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, cult documentary The Best Worst Movie, rapper-starring rom-com Just Wright and more.

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New movies this week: Iron Man 2! But if you hate robots because of a childhood accident, there’s some other stuff too. Like babies!

A Nightmare On Elm Street Review

Rewinding back to the original film, placing it in the present day, and casting a new actor behind the scarred mask of Krueger. How does the new Nightmare On Elm Street stack up?

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This week’s new flicks include Freddy Krueger returning from the boiler room, Michael Caine kicking ass, Brendan Fraser vs. the animal kingdom and… the Human Centipede.

The Losers Review

The latest comic book adaptation to hit theaters has no spandex or superpowers. Is The Losers a winner?

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This week’s new releases lead with The Losers, the second comic book adaptation in as many weeks. Plus J-Lo gets sperminated, Troll 2 gets feted and three Korean cowboys kick ass.

Kick-Ass Review

Get your long underwear on and get ready to fight some crime – Kick-Ass is a surprisingly triumphant superhero movie.

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This week’s new flicks include teenage vigilante epic Kick-Ass, comedy remake Death At A Funeral, the Banksy documentary and more.

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The two most awkward people on television team up for a rom-com this week, but there’s other things to keep yourself entertained in the theater if you’re not feeling Date Night.