Take our poll: Which inaugural gown or inauguration dress or coat was your favorite? Was it Melania Trump’s blue dress or white one? Ivanka’s gold ball gown?

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Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer is the butt of jokes under Twitter hashtag #SpicerFacts after he said Trump drew the biggest inaugural audience in history.

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Clinton tenderly comforted Hillary at the Inauguration of Donald Trump. Both Clintons attended the inaugural address.

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Donald and Melania Trump got an early start the morning after the Inauguration when they attended the National Prayer Service.

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Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s ex-wife, and mother of Tiffany Trump, attended the Inauguration. See photos of her inaugural ball gown. She wore a white dress.

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Melania Trump’s white inaugural ball gown is getting rave reviews. Learn all about the dress that Melania wore to the Inauguration.

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President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were affectionate during the Inauguration. See photos of the president and First Lady kissing at inaugural events.

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At the 2nd inauguration ball the first couple, Donald and Melania Trump, attended January 20, the singer had an audio fail. Watch the video here.

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President Donald Trump delivered the 2nd speech of his inauguration evening January 20. He polled the crowd if he should keep his Twitter. Watch the video here.

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Donald and Melania Trump look stunning at the inaugural ball, as do Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. See the best photos of the family at the inaugural balls.

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What did Karen Pence, the Second Lady, wear to inaugural balls and Inauguration events? See photos of Mike Pence’s wife.

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Relive every moment of the inaugural balls with these photos. See pictures of the Liberty Ball, the Freedom Ball, and the Salute to Armed Services Ball.

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See photos of First Lady Melania Trump, step-by-step through the Inauguration Day, from the swearing-in ceremony to the inaugural balls.

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How did the crowds at Trump’s inauguration compare to Obama, Bush, and Clinton’s? See photos showing how many attended here.

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See the Inauguration Day coats, dresses and ball gowns of Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump. Tiffany is Trump’s daughter with second wife, Marla Maples.

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See the Inauguration dresses, ball gowns, and coats of Lara and Vanessa Trump, the daughters-in-law of Donald Trump and wives of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

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