Arthur Delaney “Darling”

Check out the video for “Darling” by 19 year old singer Arthur Delaney – it’s an awesome jam that belies the musician’s young age.

The Middle East “Blood”

The cool thing about the music video form is that, even if the song isn’t spectacular, a great video can make all the difference. Such is the case with “Blood” by the Middle East.

Breakthrough Band: jj

While I thought all the ‘best of the year’ lists popping up now would make it easier to come up with some belated nominations for our ‘Breakthrough Band’ section but in fact I had quite a hard time finding something by a newcomer band that truly made a lasting impression on me and that we haven’t covered yet.

The Drums “Let’s Go Surfing”

We’ve waxed rhapsodic about The Drums on Heavy before, but the new video for “Let’s Go Surfing” just dropped and it’s basically precious treasure. Enjoy!

The Presets “If I Know You”

Dancing is awesome. Videos with unlikely people dancing are awesomer. Following in the footsteps of Christopher Walken, I present to you the new video by UK electronic band The Presets – “If I Know You”.

Hot Chip “One Life Stand”

Who would have thought that, of all the British bands to come and go over the last few decades, Hot Chip would end up having this kind of longevity? The new clip for “One Life Stand” is spectacular.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

Yeasayer are one of Brooklyn’s hottest bands right now, and this clip for “Ambling Alp” is as out-of-control as their music. From their as-yet-untitled sophomore release, scheduled to drop in February of next year, this is a goopy, sticky mess of a video.

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind Review

It’s easy to write off Animal Collective’s Fall Be Kind EP as a cynical cash-in released to feed off the lingering enthusiasm still surrounding Merriweather Post Pavillion, their stunning crossover smash from earlier this year; it is, after all, only five songs long.

Breakthrough Band: Marina and the Diamonds

As the year is about to end and we have only got a few editions of the ‘Breakthrough Band’ column left for 2009, I felt like having a look around for acts that definitely enriched the musical landscape this year and that we haven’t covered yet.

Vampire Weekend “Cousins”

The jury’s still out on whether Vampire Weekend can avoid the sophomore slump, but the video for “Cousins”, the first single off of Contra, is pretty damn fine.