It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where we celebrate the iconic pastor, activist, and orator. Here are some of his most memorable quotes from his speeches.

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Happy 2015! As New Year’s Eve approaches, people are prepping for parties and resolutions. Check out these funny memes that celebrate the new year!

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It’s nearly 2015 and people are making plans for the better. Whether these include fitness or kicking a bad habit, check out these memes that celebrate change!

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It’s New Year’s and resolutions are being made for 2015. Whether your plans are to exercise and get in better shape, or to quit a bad habit, find hope here.

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual cancer campaign by major charities like Susan G. Komen to raise funds for research. Keep fighting, women!

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Famed American author and poet Maya Angelou has passed away. She leaves the world with a treasure trove of insight into life.

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Sometimes wordsmiths just put exactly how you’re feeling better. Check out these amazing quotes from authors and poets like Ayn Rand, Charles Bukowski, and Edgar Allen Poe.

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It’s been 20 years since the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. The singer struggled with depression and left behind a legacy of lyrics for a generation of fans.

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Feeling joyless and apathetic? Here are 20 inspiring quotes to get your through today!

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was the leading figure in the 1960s struggle for civil rights by African Americans and other persons of color. We celebrate him today.

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His legacy is a collection of quotes that ring true even today about treating every human being equal.

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Though he was only 46 when he was tragically gunned down, the inspirational quotes JFK left behind will always be with us.

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Here are the top 10 books & reference apps for Android.

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