Misha Collins, an actor best known for his role as the angel Castiel on Supernatural, has started a GoFundMe in response to the Republican-controlled congress voting to do away with Obama-era online privacy protections.

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Edward Snowden addressed a Trump presidency and consumer privacy issues in a livestream broadcast two days after the US elections.

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The Poodle bug might expose your banking info or email to hackers.

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If you’re concerned about Internet privacy and cyber security, the following smartphone apps should help give you some peace of mind.

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Here are our top picks for the best free VPN services out there.

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If you want to avoid running into people you hate, an iPhone app called Cloak can help you be anti-social.

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Kickstarter was hacked, and user data was stolen. Were you affected? What should you do now? Here are the facts you need to know.

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The man discovered his TV had sent the name of his USB files to LG’s home base.

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Utah man Curtis Clark Green pleaded guilty in a Baltimore court for drug conspiracy for his involvement in the operation of Silk Road, the Internet drug market.

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Hacktivists in Guy Fawkes masks rallied across the globe to fight for Internet freedom and against government surveillance.

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Pretty soon they’re going to be looking through your webcam, probably.

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Lavabit, a Texas-based secure e-mail service, has been shut down after refusing to turn over e-mail correspondences between Edward Snowden and unknown others.

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A Facebook security glitch or bug accidentally exposed the contact information of up to 6 millions users to other users who were connected to them.

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