Some are wondering whether the hacking group PoodleCorp might be behind the massive DDoS cyber attack that disabled prominent sites like Twitter and Netflix.

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The massive DDoS cyber attack has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories on the internet about Russia and even a “false flag” attack.

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A massive hacker attack took out Twitter, Spotify and other major internet sites Friday morning, mainly on the U.S. east coast.

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Having trouble with your Internet connection? Good news: This problem will be solved in the near future!

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Want to join the “smart home” revolution, but don’t know where to start? Here are some great smart home starter kits.

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After a recent raid brought down the Pirate Bay, users are wondering where the popular torrent site has gone.

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There’s a real hoverboard on Kickstarter, and it can be yours for $10,000.

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Need a Halloween costume fast? Amazon comes to your rescue with these sweet last-minute deals.

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True love is only a click away.

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The Poodle bug might expose your banking info or email to hackers.

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What the heck is a GIFV?

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Learn how to use Ello and what makes it different from Facebook right here.

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Here’s how to speed up your Internet connection.

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The Internet has been invaded with Googlebot impostors that look just like Googlebot and seem to act just like Googlebot, but have no interest in helping you with your website listing, search engine ranking or web presence.

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Facebook is making some changes to its News Feed system, which means a crackdown on stories and links that are “click-bait.”

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Google has launched a GoDaddy competitor called Google Domains.

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