Kyle, The Most Awkward Interviewer Ever

Kyle is the most awkward interviewer in the world. He takes his special skill-set to the beaches of Miami to interview Heat fans at the team’s victory rally. Prepare to cringe.

Today In Music History: Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

Robert Allan Zimmerman turns 70 years old today. A seminal figure in the history of modern music, he had as many critics as he did fans. In these clips from the early 60’s (and part of a documentary) he completely flummoxes the press who are trying to force him to explain who and what he is.

Today In Music History: I’m Rick James!

The Superfreak himself, Rick James was born today in 1948. To celebrate, we take a page from the Chappelle Show, as Charlie Murphy (that’s Eddie Murphy’s brother) looks back at his time with the legend in the 80’s, and the various beatdowns that were required to keep him in check. Sort of.

The TDK Chronicles: Nas

Nas thinks back to his days with cassette tapes: staying home for radio shows, recording at the perfect moment, the smell of the ribbon, boom boxes, batteries, and the whole tactile experience of music now gone with the digital age.

Today In Music History: Ozzy Bites the Bat

That’s right folks the bat-bite heard round the world! January 20th, 1982: During a concert in Des Moines, an audience member throws an unconscious bat onto the stage. Thinking it’s a fake (says Ozzy), he picks it up and bites off its head. Whoops.