Netflix now allows users to download content to be watched offline. Here’s how you can get your favorite movies and shows without Internet.

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Pokémon Go has spawned an onslaught of hilarious memes all over the Internet, including on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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When does fasting begin for Ramadan 2016? Ramadan is the holiest month of Islam that celebrates the Quran being revealed to Muhammad. Find out when to fast with these free Ramadan calendar apps for both iOS and Android.

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A new iOS version 9.3 is available. What does it feature? Will Apple Pencil keep its functionality? How has security changed? What about full music videos?

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Apple news & rumors for March 2 include an iOS 9.3 beta giving employers more control of iPhones, more Pencil functionality, and new apps for dual cameras.

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Apple news and rumors for February 29 include iOS 10 rumors, an iPhone mini release date, and enhanced iCloud encryption.

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Apple rumors for February 24 include Siri for Mac, Pencil functionality, the iPad Pro’s smart keyboard issues, and a sand Apple Watch.

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Details on new betas and lost Pencil functionality are today’s Mac rumors & news. See what’s in watchOS 2.2, OSX 10.11.4, iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2 & more.

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The Apple rumors and news for Feb. 18 include an illuminated iPad keyboard, iOS 9.3 updates, new Apple Pay locales, and a refund for bricked Error 53 phones.

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New reports state that the Islamic State has released a new app for smartphones to help push its propaganda videos and war updates to its followers.

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If you want a cute iPhone 6s case, here are five of our favorite options.

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Check out how to watch the Apple iPhone 6s event live right here. The livestream can be viewed on PCs or Macs, mobile devices, and Apple TV.

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A Chinese company created malware that has hacked over 225,000 unlocked iPhones in over 18 countries.

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Apps are incredibly useful for anything from finding great coupons to depositing your checks. But did you know that the apps on your phone could actually help to change your life?

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After giving us a sneak peek at the Apple Watch during the iPhone 6 event, Apple’s next keynote is all about their first ever smartwatch. Here’s how to watch.

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Whether you need a stylus for taking notes, drawing, or just keeping your screen looking pristine, here are five great options that will do the job nicely.

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