Find your a new favorite product or learn a fun way to use an old stand by with these free apps.

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Here are ten selfie sticks that can be used with your iPhone. Many of these selfie sticks are also compatible with Android smartphones.

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Apple’s annual conference begins next week and there are a lot of things they could announce, but here are five topics we’re pretty sure they’ll cover

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Watching TV shows and movies on the go has never been easier than with these five free apps. Download, sign-up and binge the day away.

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An iOS bug causes iPhones to crash after a certain type of text is received. Find out what text symbols are in an effective power message and how to fix it.

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Your photos will be online forever, so you might as well edit them. use these five easy and free apps to turn your selfies into pieces of art.

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Protect your iPhone 6 in style this summer. Here are ten of the best iPhone 6 cases you can buy.

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These are the best smartphones to give as graduation gifts in 2015.

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Cooking can be a daunting task but having a video tutorial or smart timer makes it much easier. Use these five recipe apps to cook up a storm at home.

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Kids are born knowing how to use a touch screen device, so instead of having them get into apps they shouldn’t, download some family friendly games instead.

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Stay up on the latest news from around the web with News360. Set your favorite subjects and learn about things that interest you.

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Digg puts all of your favorite blogs and news sites into one place. You don’t have to go from app to app to find what you want to read. Digg has it in one place.

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Get ten articles delivered to your phone with Yahoo News Digest. Don’t worry about paywalls or other apps, everything is customizable and in one place.

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Keeping track of what’s going on in your social media and news in general can be a daunting task. Let Newsify help by compiling all your favorite sites into one.

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Circa News takes news stories from the day and condenses them into and easy to read package. Get all your news in one place and never miss an update.

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It is important to be well-informed but with paywalls and paid apps it can be hard to stay on top of things. These five free apps condense the news.

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