ISIS Leader Killed: CENTCOM Advises Islamic State to Implement ‘Strong Line of Succession’

The Islamic State has allegedly confirmed the death of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to reports. United States Central Command has not confirmed it, but has given a cheeky response.

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PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks West of Mosul & Documents Dead

PHOTOS: ISIS Weaponized Drones Strike Peshmerga & Shia Militias Near Mosul

In 3 new photo reports purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS continues its use of bomb carrying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to attack Kurdish fighters and Shiite militias.

PHOTOS: ISIS Shows 3 Weaponized Drone ‘Airstrikes’ in Mosul

PHOTOS: ISIS Documents Dead American Coalition Fighters After Battle South of Mosul

REPORT: ISIS Releases Infographic for its Using Drones to Drop Bombs on Enemy Positions

PHOTOS: ISIS Battles & Beheads Shia Militias South of Tal Afar, Near Mosul

PHOTOS: ISIS Drops Mortar Bombs From Drones for ‘Airstrikes’ on Iraqi Forces

ISIS has been increasingly using weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to carry out “airstrikes” on American coalition forces. In these 2 photo reports, ISIS strikes near Mosul.

WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Religious Police & Militants at Work in Raqqa, Syria

PHOTOS: ISIS Uses Weaponized Drones for ‘Airstrikes’ South of Mosul

PHOTO: ISIS Crucifies Cigarette Smugglers in Mosul

PHOTOS: ISIS Uses Weaponized Drones to ‘Airdrop’ Bombs Near Mosul

PHOTOS: ISIS ‘Captures’ & Kills Syrian Soldiers With 559th Battalion in East Qalamun

PHOTOS: ISIS Uses Drone to Document Attack on Iraqi Army South of Mosul

PHOTOS: ISIS Shows Friday Prayers in Occupied Mosul

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PHOTO: Lion & Bear Discovered by Iraqi Army While Fighting ISIS in East Mosul

A lion and a brown bear were discovered by American coalition forces in a dilapidated building that was once part of al-Murur public park, where Islamic State militants had been in control.

ISIS Members Murdered by Secret Iraqi ‘Civilian’ Hit Squads

PHOTOS: ISIS Snipers & Militants Patrol Mosul Against American Coalition

PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 29, 2017

PHOTOS: ISIS Religious Police Publicly Flog ‘Thief’ Near Mosul

PHOTOS: New ISIS Video Shows Trench Warfare & Iraqi Soldier Corpse Desecration

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Roar of the Lions,” ISIS militants in “Wilayat Furat,” or “State of the Euphrates,” are shown battling Iraqi soldiers on the border of Iraq and Syria.

PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks Near Shirqat, South of Mosul

WATCH: Sunni Arabs Accused of Being With ISIS Tortured by Shia Militia, East Mosul

PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks & Kills Shia Militiamen Near Samarra, Iraq

PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks Near Baiji, South of Mosul

Did President Obama ‘Ban’ Iraqi Refugees?

Did President Obama “ban” Iraqi refugees? Obama’s administration did slow down admitting Iraqi refugees for a time. Jimmy Carter stopped Iranian immigration.