Islamic State militants are now collecting taxes from people within their self-proclaimed national boundaries. A photo of an alleged receipt can be seen here.

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Black Task Force Pics

Task Force Black is ISIS worst fear, a comprised unit of Seal Team 6, Delta Force and Britain’s Special Air Service. The team is being charged with “cutting the head off the snake” of the Islamic State.

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jinn matic, jihadi john

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary of England is alleged to be the ISIS killer of American journalist James Foley, according to British intelligence MI5 and MI6.

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Nahi Mahdi, an Iraqi TV host for Memri TV of Asia, had a Muslim guest break into tears about what ISIS is doing to Christians in Iraq and Syria.

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james foley rescue mission

American special forces launched a failed rescue this summer of James Foley, the journalist beheaded by ISIS in a filmed execution.

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Iraq is a war zone, and the terrorist group ISIS is vying to become the Islamic State. Meet their determined opponents, the Peshmerga Kurds and Iraqis.

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Iraq, USS George H.W. Bush

As air strikes continue in an effort to take out the terrorist group ISIS, the U.S. military is considering sending additional troops to Iraq.

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kurdish female soldiers, ppk

A crack in Islamic State ideology recently revealed that the jihadist men believe that if a woman soldier kills them in battle, they will not go to heaven.

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james foley rip

James Foley is the American journalist slain in an ISIS video. These photos remember him in happier times.

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Steve Sotloff Facebook

Steven Sotloff is an American journalist seen at the end of ISIS’ James Foley beheading video. ISIS says Sotloff’s life “depends on Obama’s next decision.”

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A photo of a young Yazidi girl with bright blue eyes is drawing comparison to Steve McCurry’s similar refugee photo, who turned out to be Sharbat Gula.

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Vian Dakhil Killed Dead Helicopter

Vian Dakhil, the only MP for the Yazidi people, was injured in a helicopter crash.

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