ISIS terrorist Anis Amri was shot dead by a police officer in Milan for the Berlin, Germany Christmas market attack after filming an allegiance video to ISIS.

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Anis Amri, the Tunisian suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack, was shot and killed near Milan, Italy early this morning. After his death, Islamic State News “agency” Amaq News released a video of him pledging “bayat,” or “allegiance.”

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Berlin Christmas market victims are starting to be named. Lukasz Urban, the Polish truck driver, was first named. An Italian, Fabrizia Di Lorenzo, is believed among the lost, although this was not formally confirmed as her family brings DNA samples to Berlin.

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Tiziana Cantone was found dead after hanging herself following a sex tape she was featured in that went viral. Click here to see photos of the beauty.

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Italian beauty Tiziana Cantone hung herself after a sex video she was featured in went viral. Read more on the life and death of Cantone here.

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Giorgia Rinaldo, 10, was the little girl whom rescuers pulled alive from the rubble of the Italy earthquake. See the video.

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Amatrice, Italy bore the brunt of the massive earthquake that hit Italy. What is its history and landmarks? It’s home to a famous pasta dish, medieval religious art, and more.

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Watch videos from the scene if the Italy earthquake destruction in Perugia. The Italian quake registered 6.2 in magnitude.

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Images of the destruction of a 6.2-magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy have surfaced. Entire towns have been buried, like Amatrice.

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Menegatti and her teammate, Laura Giombini, face off against Egypt in their second match in this year’s Olympic tournament.

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Massimo Galioto, a homeless man in Rome, is under arrest in Italy in the murder of Wisconsin college student Beau Solomon.

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Wisconsin college student Beau Solomon, a childhood cancer survivor who met Brett Favre through Make A Wish, was murdered in Italy. Remembering his inspirational life.

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Eder scored a late goal for Italy to give them the lead and ensure a win against Sweden.

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Fight Them; Allah Will Punish Them by Your Hands,” mass destruction is shown alongside mass executions and beheadings.

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The Daily Beast is exclusively reporting that they were told by three Obama defense officials that the President has declined a U.S. military plan for an assault on Sirte, Libya.

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “See You in Dabiq” or “Meeting at Dabiq” depicts ISIS militants fighting “non-believers” in Rome.

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