Apple has filed patent documents for a smartwatch called iTime. Here’s what you need to know about the “iWatch” coming soon from Apple.

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Apple just hired former TAG Heuer exec Patrick Pruniaux. Does this hire mean the long-awaited iWatch is finally coming out this year?

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Apple’s hotly anticipated iWatch is rumored to have some amazing features.

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The latest rumor about Apple’s iWatch? The device will contain a heart rate monitor that can detect heart attacks.

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Rumors of Apple’s newest iOS8 development includes the release and design of a Healthbook app, which tracks users’ motions, heart rate and blood pressure.

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One of Apple’s upcoming projects could be an “iWatch”after the company mysteriously hired fashion exec Paul Deneve. Samsung is the company’s biggest competitor, and its watch is set to premiere almost a week before Apple’s announced iPhone event.

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