James Cameron
Best of Netflix: Top Sequels

You’ve heard the phrase, “The sequel is never as good as the original.” Ha! Utter nonsense. There are plenty of cases where the sequel is just as good if not better than its predecessor.

Avatar Leads To Depression

Or so say some very delicate flowers, who claim that James Cameron’s half-billion epic made them have suicidal thoughts and bummer times. I’m not kidding. Watch the video….

New On Netflix: The Terminator

James Cameron’s sci-fi action classic about a robot assassin from the future is still a taut and intense ride.

Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

Avatar hits DVD and Blu-Ray this week! If you’ve had all the blue people you can take, there are other options, and I’ll lay them all out for you in this week’s new releases.

The Avatar That Almost Was

I got tipped off to a pretty cool article today here about the original treatment of Avatar and how it changed as the movie was produced. I always am fascinated by the compromises that go on behind the scenes of these Hollywood blockbusters, and this story is no exception.