James Franco and Seth Rogen will kick off the VMAs with their characters from The Interview.

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As a frat boy in Neighbors, Dave Franco is sure to charm audiences. In June, the 29-year-old stars in another highly anticipated blockbuster, 22 Jump Street.

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James Franco gave some adoring fans a little show last night on Instagram with a nearly naked photo. Then of course he came to his senses and deleted it.

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Emma Roberts is James Franco’s underage muse in Palo Alto. Here’s are some pictures of the 23-year-old niece of Julia.

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The film Palo Alto, based on a James Franco short story, got a surge in publicity from the actor’s indiscretions with an underage fan. Is it worth seeing?

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Jack Kilmer stars in the new film Palo Alto, with James Franco and Emma Roberts. Check out his best Facebook photos and Twit pics.

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Emma Roberts plays a high school student James Franco’s hitting on in Palo Alto, out in early May. With his recent sexting scandal, life is imitating art.

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James Franco appeared on “Live With Kelly And Michael” this morning to talk about the internet scandal with teen fan Lucy Clode.

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It’s the 2014 Super Bowl and James Franco makes his Ford debut. Check it out.

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James Franco, Ford, and a tiger have all teamed up for a new commercial to be aired at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Check out Franco’s preview right here.

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