Troy Garity is a Golden Globe nominated actor and the son of Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda. Click to learn about his life and career.

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Find out when Grace and Frankie returns for its second season and what’s ahead for the ladies and their ex-husbands.

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Tomlin and Fonda will be back onscreen together in Grace and Frankie.

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Summer’s over, so it’s time to get a job! Before you head back into the work force, celebrate Labor Day by sitting on the couch and checking out some of the best odes to working men and women available on Netflix Instant.

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Okay, this is some Terminator 2 shiot right here. We’ve got the original model in the form of Angelina Jolie, and then we have the new liquid metal hotness of Megan Fox. Both have pouty lips, inexplicable tattoos and bangin’ bodies – but only one can be Barbarella…

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