Two friends visiting Japan played a confusing Japanese arcade and hit the jackpot of 5,000. They nearly run out of buckets for arcade tokens.

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Find the Asian girlfriend of your dreams.

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Mount Ontake in Nagano prefecture erupted in central Japan. Hikers on the mountain had to run for cover. Here is one of the hiker’s, Kuroda Terutoshi, video.

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Have you ever seen a 441 weight difference in a fight match-up? In Japan, such bizarre battles are common. Find out who wins.

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Check out these cool robots as they hang out with royalty, rock stars, and members of the military.

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These ancient Japanese scrolls from the Edo Period, 1603 to 1868 in the history of Japan, contain drawings of a farting competition held between men and women.

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August 6 is the 69-year anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Remember with these pictures of the aftermath.

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A tsunami of 3 feet is expected to hit the region.

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Super Typhoon Neoguri is heading for Okinawa, Japan. What makes a typhoon “super”?

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Margaret Natsuki is the girlfriend of Japanese midfielder Shinji Kagawa. Here’s what you need to know this Japanese beauty.

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Japan’s Shinji Kagawa is turning heads at the World Cup. But has he peaked?

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Pepper is a robot that could be in your home next year. It will cost only $2,000.

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From deadly toilet paper to a giant cow head, these Japanese urban legends make “Bloody Mary” seem tame.

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Lack of tact or truth?

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A Tokyo teen in army gear has concocted an electric toothbrush out of a SCAR-L MK13 gun. It doesn’t look like the safest option, though.

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Japan hosted the 7th annual sand sculpture exhibition with a “Russian” theme. See pictures of the world’s best sand sculptures here.

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