Have you ever seen a 441 weight difference in a fight match-up? In Japan, such bizarre battles are common. Find out who wins.

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Lack of tact or truth?

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A Tokyo teen in army gear has concocted an electric toothbrush out of a SCAR-L MK13 gun. It doesn’t look like the safest option, though.

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Japan hosted the 7th annual sand sculpture exhibition with a “Russian” theme. See pictures of the world’s best sand sculptures here.

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This is what the Internet is for.

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Saidaiji Temple held its annual Hadaka Matsuri, where participants gather to celebrate the New Year by getting naked with each other.

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Sony is selling off their VAIO computer division, and won’t be making computers anymore. Here are the facts about this developing story.

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These guys are big.

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You will be intrigued and horrified at the same time.

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The brand-new land mass is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles south of Tokyo.

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