Universal Studios has announced its plan to reboot all of its classic monster movies in one shared franchise. Learn more about it here.

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Javier Bardem’s wife, Penelope Cruz, is Esquire’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive.’ Here’s what you should know about the Spanish actor.

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These celebrity couples have made headlines for everything from baby bumps, to excessive PDA, to divorce rumors. Here are their stories.

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Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have signed a letter regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Here’s what you need to know about the couple.

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Some of these you may expect and others may shock you… Check out our list of celebrities who dropped their drawers for dollar bills before they became famous.

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From Channing Tatum to Kim Kardashian, these celebrities welcomed babies this year. The stars all delivered with their unique choices for baby names.

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It’s become a fabled gimmick in Hollywood: what hairstyle will Javier Bardem wear next?

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Check out the first teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest film, The Counsellor, starring Michael Fassbender.

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This Ukrainian bombshell went from childhood poverty to worldwide fame.

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Trailers usually don’t make me cry, but…

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