The Jeff Bridges Matrix

Fueled by coffee and Netflix, we’ve broken down the acting mystique that is Jeff Bridges into four categories: Bearded, Clean Shaven, Sober, and Drunk or Stoned.

New On Netflix: True Grit

The Coen Brothers go west with this revenge yarn about a teenager (Hailee Steinfeld) who hires a hard-drinking U.S. Marshal (Jeff Bridges) to track down her father’s killer.

New On Netflix: Blown Away

Tommy Lee Jones blows things up and Jeff Bridges tries to stop him in this nerve-shattering thriller featuring some of the worst Irish accents in the history of cinema.

New On Netflix: TRON: Legacy

A breathtaking special effects extravaganza whose big ol’ Disney heart transcends its often jarring script problems and the rather disturbing sight of Jeff Bridges made younger via CG assist.

New On Netflix: King Kong

A bigger monkey and a hotter babe doth not a better movie make in this clunky disaster starring Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange and Charles Grodin.