Jenna Jameson has professed her love for Miley Cyrus in a video where she makes a promise to give the twerker a big, fat, juicy kiss at her concert.

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“I made up a fantastic, yummy story.”

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Jenna Jameson talks to Megan Olivi about her dress for the World MMA Awards and who her favorite fighter is. Besides her significant other Tito, of course.

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Tito and Jenna appear to be putting Monday’s domestic violence incident behind them, with both parties agreeing to withdraw their complaints.

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Jenna Jameson says she hopes to work things out with boyfriend Tito Ortiz despite Monday’s domestic violence incident.

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Tito Ortiz was near tears, putting his head on the desk, unbelieving. After taking a year off for what could have been career ending back surgery, Ortiz had just finished what he thought was a triumphant return to the UFC Octagon.

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