Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy!, has been married to Jean Currivan Trebek for over 25 years. Here’s a look at her life, career and relationship with the gameshow host.

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Cindy Stowell is a contestant on tonight’s episode of Jeopardy. Unfortunately, she died of cancer before the show could air. Read on for her story.

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Ken Jennings showed he was a true champion on Jeopardy and now he’s taking on 500 Questions. What is his net worth and how much money did he make?

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Kristin Sausville of Glasgow, Delaware, was the only contestant in the final round of Jeopardy after her opponents went into the negative digits and weren’t allowed to wager.

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Julia Collins’ “Jeopardy” winning streak has ended. Read on for the details.

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Julia Collins is continuing to take Jeopardy by storm. Check out the facts and watch some of the clips on the amazing game show champion.

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A Reddit-user was sitting in the “Jeopardy!” studio audience before the show began and snapped a picture of what the stage looks like with no lights on.

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Leonard Cooper just made bank and is probably sipping Cristal at this very moment because of his Final Jeopardy! answer.

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