Exodus Fall Movie Trailer

Set in 1974 Texas, Exodus Fall tells the story of three teen siblings who struggle with the death of their father and try to live with their abusive mother.

Sandra Bullock Baby Bombshell!

Sandra Bullock, it was reported by People magazine today, has been secretly keeping a little black baby from New Orleans hidden away in her palatial space mansion for the past few months. But why?

Trainwreck 100: Jesse James

Today’s scumbag celebrity is Jesse James, all over the tabloids for ruining his perfect Hollywood marriage by dallying with some of the nastiest skanks ever seen.

Five Ways To Tell You’re One Of Jesse James’ Mistresses

So the world is afire with the news that Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James is – gasp – a dude who sleeps with other ladies. Yes, America, for some reason it’s shocking that a reality TV star who also builds motorcycles might slee…