‘Teeth’ is one of the most popular search terms for singer Jewel, but why is that? Why are people so interested in her mouth? Find out here.

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Jewel announced her divorce to husband Ty Murray in an open letter on her website. She called their separation a “thoughtful and tender undoing.”

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The winners of tonight’s finale for the show The Sing-Off have been chosen. Check out who won right here!

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Stars including Ariana Grande, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and Babyface performed at Rockefeller Center tonight for the tree lighting. Check out the best pics.

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Jewel appeared at Christmas in Rockefeller Center to give a spirited performance this evening …

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I’m not gonna lie – I love boobs. Big ones, little ones, real ones and fake ones. But let’s be clear: there are good fake boobs and bad fake boobs. Good fake boobs are the ones that could pass for natural, only better – bigger, firmer and perkier than what God could create…

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