Did President Carter ban” Iranian refugees and students? During the Iran hostage crisis, Carter took steps toward restricting Iranian nationalists from the U.S.

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Jimmy Carter’s 28-year-old grandson Jeremy passed away unexpectedly. He was found unresponsive in his family’s home. Here’s what happened.

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Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday School at Maranatha Baptist, where he announced his grandson’s death and his cancer diagnosis. Why does he love the church so much?

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Was Jimmy Carter cured of metastasized cancer? A key part of his cancer treatment and improved health is pembrolizumab (Keytruda), a new drug that works with the patient’s immune system.

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Former President Jimmy Carter has revealed following his liver surgery that he’s suffering from cancer.

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As a girl in Georgia, Rosalynn Smith met a boy by the name of Jimmy Carter, the son of a peanut farmer. Decades later Jimmy became President of the United States, and she became she his First Lady.

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Former President of the United States and Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter cut short his election-monitoring trip to Guyana after reports of him not feeling well, thus prompting a death watch for the 90-year-old from Georgia.

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Georgia state Senator Jason Carter, 38 is the grandson of former-president Jimmy Carter and a Democratic hopeful for the governorship.

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The White House says that Carter will head to North Korea for a “private” visit.

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