1,400 employees gathered around a company spokesman for Carrier Air Conditioner, part of United Technologies, to find out that they are all being let go so production can move to Monterrey, Mexico.

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Could you be a “human alarm clock?” No, it’s not an “SNL” Stefon skit.

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Tesla’s Gigafactory is expected to create 6,500 new jobs. What will the Gigafactory do, and how can you get a job there?

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Which IT jobs have the sunniest outlook for 2014?

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Check out the second official teaser for Ashton Kutcher’s biopic, jOBS.

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Paula Deen gets dropped by Sears, Kmart, Walgreens, and 7 more companies. Sponsors are dumping Deen left and right. We have the latest info on each one here!

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Good help is hard to find. Really, really hard to find.

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Manual labor is for chumps. Sure, making a living through physical work might be fine for lumberjacks and stevedores, but you want something that involves less sweating. The problem is that so many other people think the same way that you need something extra to get yourself a decent job.

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McDonald’s is the most tech-retarded job since drowning, so I’m giving my manager this list of new technology we need at the franchise. Some of it may sound risky at first, but so did World War II, and that became several award-winning films, so I think…

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