Katy Perry and Diplo are still dating. Although there were rumors the two had split, they were spotted in Vegas on Monday.

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Katy Perry has reportedly broken things off with boyfriend John Mayer. Have a look back at the couple’s good times in their best photos together.

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John Mayer and super star girlfriend Katy Perry have reportedly broken up. Read on for the facts on the unfortunate news.

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John Mayer and Keith Urban Duet, John Mayer Beatles Tribute, Keith Urban Beatles Tribute, Beatles 50th Anniversary

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Tonight was the Beatles’ 50th Anniversary show. Have a look at the pics from all the performances, pics of Maroon 5, Keith Urban, Pharrell, Johnny Depp and more.

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From Jay Z and Justin to Katy and John, these celebrities made chart-topping, headline-grabbing music together this year.

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John Mayer called upon his hot girlfriend Katy Perry to sing with him last night on stage, singing their new song “Who You Love” together, opening with a kiss.

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Katy Perry and John Mayer gave their first interview as a couple on GMA, and premiered their music video together called “Who You Love.”

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Katy Perry appeared on Japan’s Music Station to perform a couple of her hits. Check out the video and see who else was there that day …

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One Direction took the stage in Japan to perform “Best Song Ever” in addition to a little interview with Music Station. Check out both videos here.

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