New On Netflix: Jackass 3

The 3D effects are missed on Netflix, but a Jackass experience at even only half-mast is still more exhilarating than most other things.

Britney Spears’ Deleted Scene from Jackass 3

Johnny Knoxville dropped by Jimmy Kimmel’s show to talk about Jackass 3D and a very funny clip of a Britney Spears stunt that was ultimately cut from the movie. She’s a good sport, cause that’s gross.

Jackass 3D: Master Blaster

Another hilarious clip from Jackasss 3D. This one is a take on a classic Memorex ad from the 70’s, but with an unexpected twist.

Jackass 3D: Duck Hunting

They say the most dangerous game is hunting humans. Check out this hilarious video compliments of Johnny Knoxville and crew from Jackass 3D.