Although HBO still advertises The Young Pope as a limited series, the show is expected to get a second season. Find out when we might see it.

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The first season of ‘The Young Pope’ comes to a dramatic conclusion on February 13. Find out when it starts on HBO.

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Jude Law heads to television with HBO’s ambitious new series The Young Pope. Meet the cast of the new series about the first American pope.

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The Young Pope, an ambitious new limited series from HBO starring Jude Law, finally debuts on January 15. Find out when the show begins and what it’s about.

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Jude Law has three children with his ex-wife, Sadie Frost. Learn about the actress and fashion designer here.

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Rafferty Law is the teenage son of Jude Law and he just made a big fashion debut in London. Check out all the facts on the soon-to-be big star.

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Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are just a couple of the dozens of celebrities appearing in Paul McCartney’s new music video “Queenie Eye.” Check it out here.

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Check out these pictures of celebrities with their mom, dad, sisters, and brothers, and see if you can see any resemblance!

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The lives of people from different social backgrounds interweave together in this dramatic thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Jude Law.

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Guy Ritchie’s bigger, louder sequel once again trades wit and intricate plotting for cheap gags and overblown action sequences.

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The holidays are kicking in with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Carnage, Corman’s World and an early IMAX release for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

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The Thanksgiving holiday has quite a cinematic spread this year with The Muppets, Hugo, My Week with Marilyn and A Dangerous Method.

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Steven Soderbergh’s startling portrait of a world ravaged by a super-virus is a smart, scary thrill ride.

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The fall movie season is officially underway with Contagion, Warrior and Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star.

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David Cronenberg wants you to play. Or does he? Connect your game pod to your bio-port and find out the truth. Play it. Live it Kill for it.

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If you like blood, gore, and guts, this week’s new DVD releases are for you.

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