Meet the Season 6 cast of CBS’s hit series, 2 Broke Girls.

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The brand-new season of Dennings’ hit CBS series is set to premiere on Thursday night. Get to know the actress a bit better here.

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Spoiler Alert! This list is chock-full-a Whitney Cummings in addition to horrible shows polluting your television.

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Tumblr is the best place to stay informed on your fav celebrities, but traversing it is an adventure unto itself. We’ve got you covered with a treasure map to the best celebrity Tumblr’s.

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All the things you wanted to know but she wouldn’t tell you, because you aren’t cool enough.

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The 2 Broke Girls star has also been tapped to play a role in Thor 2. The future looks bright for the brunette bombshell. Bask in the limelight with the 20 Hottest Photos of Kat Dennings.

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