Undateable has its series premiere tonight on NBC. Chris D’Elia headlines as the ladies’ man who helps his clueless friends attract women.

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Snuggle up with your Valentine and pick one of these 10 tearjerkers.

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Today, the Renaissance seems like a thing of our past that is best reserved for school field trip outings to museums. But professional PhotoShoppers disagree: celebrities in high art.

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Bombs almost go boom in these tense action thrillers (and one Best Picture Oscar winner). Let the countdown begin on Netflix.

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Check out Hollywood’s top stars long before they’d hit the stratosphere in this supercut full of movies and performances I’m sure they wish would disappear.

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Tim Hunter’s scrappy portrait of disaffected and misguided youth starring Crispin Glover and Keanu Reeves doesn’t quite pack the same punch it did 25 years ago.

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Keanu Reeves is a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and goes to jail for robbing a bank, even though he’s not guilty. So once he gets out what does he do? He decides to commit the crime he already went away for. James Caan is a prison-lifer that helps him out.

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Funny can mean murder in these really, really dark comedies, now available for uncomfortable laughing fits on Netflix Instant.

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I asked my seven year old niece to look at a picture of sad Keanu Reeves and tell me what she thought about it. The results: birds, telepathic communication and more.

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For movie fans, there is nothing worse than sitting down to enjoy a movie, only to see the movie get destroyed by a terrible performance. Here’s 10 actors who screwed it all up.

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