Ken Block Destroys San Francisco in Gymkhana Five

Ken Block takes the next installment of his Gymkhana series and unleashes his four wheeled mayhem on the streets of San Fran. Like a bat out of hell, Ken takes his car on a ripping race through the city’s famous winding roads and gnarly hills.

Octane Academy: Full Episode 5

Ken Block’s second set of contestants take on his personally designed challenges, aimed to test skills and limits on the snow and road.

Octane Academy: Full Episode 4

Ken Block’s camp gets underway as he covers the gamut of physical and driving challenges with Skim or Swim Challenge, Snowbike Supercross and Rally School at Miller Motorsports Park.

Ken Block Hoons Russian Ski Resort

Ken Block hoons it up at the Igora Park ski resort outside of St. Petersburg, Russia in the Ford Focus RS WRC for the Pirelli Winter Attraction. Filmed over 6 days with 150+ journalist ride-alongs on a short rally course running through the resort.

Ken Block on His 2012 Ken Block Program by Ken Block

“Ken Block” sits for his 2012 race season interview. He touches on the influence behind his car’s new look, his new products for 2012, including a line of thongs and sailor hats, and his secret weapon for winning races: GIRLS! Also, there’s a bear.