We’re all terrified of being nuked, but North Korea is more worthy of our pity than our fear.

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The following message was sent via cable broadcast to all North Koreans by Kim Jong-il in response to an American report that North Korea and Kim Jong-il himself had ordered the torpedoing of a South Korean warship.

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These d-bags got an iPad and I didn’t? Check out our of lucky Appletards inside.

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The holidays are a tricky time of year – not only is it difficult to pick out gifts for your loved ones, but you’re gift-shopping while everyone else is gift-shopping as well. And just imagine how much worse it is when you’re trying to buy something just right …

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These are all true, just so you know.Kim Jong-Il blew up his own high school to make sure nobody would graduate from there with a better academic record than he did. Kim Jong-Il ordered all short people in Korea except him to live on a barren, undeveloped…

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