The family of Edenilson Steven Valle has listed actress Demi Moore in a lawsuit after the 21-year old slipped, fell and drowned in her pool in 2015.

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Evin Cosby, Bill Cosby’s youngest daughter, has spoken out in defense of her father, claiming he “loves and respects” women.

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Psychologist and former O’Reilly Factor regular Wendy Walsh says Bill O’Reilly broke a promise to get her a job after she refused to accompany him to his hotel room.

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Tabrese Wright and Tichaona Brown have filed a lawsuit against Fox News, alleging that their supervisor, Judy Slater, engaged in racist conduct for years.

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Kanye West will go to court this May over a music sample that was improperly paid for.

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Beyonce is being sued for $20 million by the estate of late New Orleans bounce star, Messy Mya, over ‘Formation’ copyright infringement.

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If Donald Trump faced criminal charges, would he, as president, have the power to grant himself a pardon? Here’s what the Constitution says.

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Derrick Rose is under criminal investigation, a letter from the LAPD confirms. Read the letter here.

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The judge presiding over the suit made a ruling that will have a major impact on the proceedings, which are scheduled to commence October 4.

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Read on to learn about Sherri Shepherd’s net worth and her lawsuit with estranged husband Lamar Sally.

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Walter Palmer allegedly bribed park officials to kill Cecil the Lion at Hwange National Park. But does the U.S. have an extradition treaty with Zimbabwe?

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A court-appointed representative of Bobbi Kristina Brown is suing the 22-year-old’s partner Nick Gordon claiming he viciously assaulted her before she fell unconscious and stole thousands from her bank account while she was in a coma.

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Robin Williams’ widow Susan Schneider Williams is facing court battle with the comedian’s three children over his estate.

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Yoon Mi Rae is a Korean popstar who is suing Sony for the using her song Pay Day in The Interview without her permission. Here are pictures of her.

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Yooni Mi Rae is a Korean pop star whose song Pay Day was featured in the film The Interview without her permission. She is now suing Sony.

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A group of protesters filed a $40 million lawsuit alleging civil rights violations by militarized police during the Ferguson, Missouri, protests.

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