A 26-year-old man in Mississippi was badly beaten by another man in what the victim calls a hate crime.

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A transgender North Carolina teenager committed suicide due to the bullying he received after beginning his transition from Ashlyn Haffner into Ash Haffner.

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Conan O’Brien decided to join the gay hook-up and dating app Grindr with the help of Billy Eichner.

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AMC aired the first kiss between new homosexual characters on their hit zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead. Watch it here.

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Kate Brown will be Oregon’s next governor and the first bisexual governor in the U.S. after the resignation of John Kitzhaber. Dan Little is her husband.

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The YouTube sensation Rhodes Brothers came out to their dad, and then shared it with the world.

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Minutes after her funeral was due to start, Vanessa Collier’s family and friends were told her funeral had been canceled. Vanessa’a wife says the cancelation was because Collier was a lesbian.

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Vanessa Collier’s funeral was called off by the church because she was a lesbian.

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A transgender teen committed suicide and left a devastating note on Tumblr after her Christian parents refused to acknowledge that she’s a girl.

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Jamie Kuntz is David Geffen’s ex-boyfriend, the music mogul is accusing Kuntz of stalking him.

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Gaylard Williams, a homophobic pastor, is accused of approaching another man’s car and asking that man for a blow job.

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Taylor Lianne Chandler, who met Olympic superstar Michael Phelps on Tinder right before he went into rehab, was born with a penis and a uterus.

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Jason Collins, the first openly gay player in major American team sports, has retired after 13 seasons in the NBA.

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“I’m not gay no more! I don’t like mens no more!’ Declares this young man in a deliverance speech at a Southern spiritual revival. He then goes off and dances.

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DeMaio is the openly gay Republican candidate running for the House of Representatives in San Diego.

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Ezra Miller has been cast as The Flash in the 2018 movie. Here’s what you need to know about the 22-year-old actor.

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