Stalker’s Prey stars Saxon Sharbino as the victim of a stalker. Meet the rest of the cast of Lifetime’s thrilling new movie.

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Stalker’s Prey is the new Lifetime original movie thriller, starring Saxon Sharbino. Find out when it debuts and when it’s on again.

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Mommy’s Little Boy stars Bree Williamson as a mother in trouble. Meet the rest of the cast of Lifetime’s newest original movie.

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Mommy’s Little Boy is the newest Lifetime original movie starring Bree Williamson. Find out what the film is about and when it airs tonight.

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Meet the Season 3 cast of ‘The Rap Game’.

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A Deadly Affair is the new Lifetime movie about an affair that turns dangerous for all those involved. Meet the cast of the new film with Valerie Azlynn.

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Find out who plays all the main characters in the new Lifetime Movie The Wrong Student. Meet the cast before and during the movie.

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Lifetime will debut A Deadly Affair on March 11. Find out what the film is about and who stars in it.

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The newest Lifetime movie centers on a relationship between a woman and a coach that could be undone by a young student. Find out when The Wrong Student debuts.

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Custody is the new Lifetime movie, which stars Viola Davis and Hayden Panettiere. Meet the rest of the cast for the new movie before it airs.

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Viola Davis finally won her first Oscar, but the next time we see her is in tonight’s Lifetime movie. Find out when the new movie Custody starts.

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In the latest Lifetime movie, there is a nanny and she seduces. Find out what time Nanny Seduction starts.

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The new Lifetime movie Infidelity in Suburbia stars Sarah Butler. Meet the rest of the cast for the new thriller.

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Infidelity in Suburbia is the new Lifetime movie this week. Find out when the film, which stars Sarah Butler, debuts.

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Lifetime’s new movie, From Straight A’s to XXX, tells the story of porn star Belle Knox. Meet the actress playing her and the rest of the cast.

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Belle Knox, whose real name is Miriam Weeks, is the subject of the new Lifetime movie From Straight A’s to XXX. Here’s a look at the former Porn Star.

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