Lil Wayne
Spotlight: Why Were The Grammys So Terrible?

Award ceremonies are intended to celebrate the best and brightest talent, yet the shows themselves are often dull, lengthy and awkward. Although this year’s Grammy Awards clocked the highest ratings in decades (RIP Whitney), we were again reminded why we don’t really pay attention to these things. Especially this one.

Lil’ Wayne “Sorry 4 The Wait”

Lil Wayne’s first mixtape since his release from prison is here. Catch Weezy with Young Money buddy Gudda Gudda and Lil B freestyling over an assortment of current hits.

Full Release: Music

Welcome to February – here’s some music! The drought has ended, and a massive flow of new tunes is gushing forth from the open mouths of our favorite bands (and some of our un-favorites)…

Top 10 Songs About Being Horny

Sex – it’s awesome, right? If you don’t know the answer to that question for some horrible reason, the answer is “Right!” And what do we like almost as much as sex? Why, music, of course.