Lindsay Lohan
The 20 Hottest Bad Girls

With Paris Hilton getting busted on a major case of cocaine possession, I figured the time was right to spotlight twenty hotties who flaunt the law.

Will Lindsay Lohan Go Full Frontal For Inferno?

After her 90 day jail sentence, Lindsay Lohan will play adult film legend Linda Lovelace in the upcoming movie Inferno. Director Matthew Wilder talked about her role in the film and the “violent nudity” within. Wait… what?

E-Trade Responds To Lindsay Lohan

So the latest update in the hilarious lawsuit between Lindsay Lohan and E-trade has taken an awesome turn. Apparently gossip blogs are admissable evidence now!

Money For Tweeting

So the news broke today that Kim Kardashian gets paid up to $10,000 a Tweet by ad agency – whenever the sex tape star types, say, @Reebok, the shoe company coughs up some bucks. Kardashian’s 2 million followers are probably irresistible for marketers…

5 Things That Make Me Proud To Be An American This Week

Every week, I find five things that make me proud to have been born in America. This week we go up into the glorious reaches of space and down into the grimy dirt of Hollywood, with some stops in between.So, NASA has a new ion propulsion system. If that sounds like…