Here’s the best PS4 and PS3 games that you’ll need to buy for your favorite gamer in 2014!

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Check out this list of great Xbox One & Xbox 360 games that are perfect Christmas 2014 stocking stuffers!

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Sir Ian McKellen was at Harvard the other day, talking to students about their upcoming exams. And he quoted his Lord of the Rings character, Gandalf.

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Here’s our final roundup of the best panels to hit up during NYCC 2014! This time, these special events revolve around your favorite TV shows and upcoming movies.

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We’ve finally reviewed the dark “Lord of the Rings” action/adventure game “Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.” Should you help Talion exact his revenge against Sauron’s troops?

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Check out these incredibly dark in-game screenshots from the new “Lord of the Rings” game, “Shadow of Mordor.”

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Check out this extensive interview on “Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor” and get excited about about this dark, open-world “LOTR” adventure.

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Here’s the livestream presentation of some of the more noteworthy events straight from PAX Prime 2014!

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Here are the video games you need to save some dead presidents for come September 2014.

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What happens when ‘GoT’ fans battle ‘LotR’ fans over control of the television remote? An insanely funny and gory battle, of course! Check out the video here.

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These are the games that every PS4 player should own in 2014.

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Make sure these excellent Xbox One games are added to your collection.

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Here’s some more incredible games that you’ll want to play in 2014!

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The latest trailer for the next theatrical adventure for “The Hobbit” looks awe inspiring.

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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth tasks you with amassing your own fantasy empire.

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These 15 games make their movie counterparts look even better.

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