Check out these incredibly dark in-game screenshots from the new “Lord of the Rings” game, “Shadow of Mordor.”

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Shadow of Mordor

Check out this extensive interview on “Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor” and get excited about about this dark, open-world “LOTR” adventure.

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Pax Prime 2014

Here’s the livestream presentation of some of the more noteworthy events straight from PAX Prime 2014!

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Here are the video games you need to save some dead presidents for come September 2014.

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got, lotr, youtube video

What happens when ‘GoT’ fans battle ‘LotR’ fans over control of the television remote? An insanely funny and gory battle, of course! Check out the video here.

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Battlefield Hardline

Here’s some more incredible games that you’ll want to play in 2014!

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The latest trailer for the next theatrical adventure for “The Hobbit” looks awe inspiring.

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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth tasks you with amassing your own fantasy empire.

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These 15 games make their movie counterparts look even better.

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Warmer Bros takes us back to Middle-Earth with an all-new trailer for the second installment of the acclaimed Hobbit franchise.

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