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The Jefferson Davis statue in New Orleans was removed by the city. Watch video and photos of the statute coming down amidst protests.

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Body camera video from the fatal shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis by Louisiana officers Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford has been released. Watch the full video here.

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Gavin Long Photos: Surveillance Video Pictures of the Baton Rouge Gunman

PHOTOS: What Guns Did Gavin Long Use in Baton Rouge Shooting?

Gavin Long, the gunman who killed three police officers in a Baton Rouge, had three guns. See photos of the weapons used in the attack here.

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ISIS Encourages African-Americans to Join Islam After Baton Rouge Attack

Jihadists on pro-Islamic State terrorist channels are encouraging “the black community” to join their version of Islam to help wage war on the US government after today’s attack by Gavin Eugene Long in Louisiana.

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Three officers are dead after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this morning. Here are social media reactions, including members of the Black Lives Matter movement.