Karl Oliver, a Mississippi state representative whose district includes the down where Emmet Till was killed, wrote on Facebook that Louisiana officials who pulled down Confederate statues should be lynched.

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The Jefferson Davis statue in New Orleans was removed by the city. Watch video and photos of the statute coming down amidst protests.

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No federal criminal charges will be filed against Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officers in the shooting death of Alton Sterling, the U.S. Justice Department says.

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Armande Stephen Tart is accused of murdering four people in Metairie, Louisiana

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There was a mass tragedy incident at the New Orleans Endymion Parade as a truck drove into a crowd. See live stream video and photos.

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A tornado touched down in New Orleans East, with severe damage reported in the area. Two other tornadoes touched down in Southern Louisiana as well.

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Body camera video from the fatal shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis by Louisiana officers Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford has been released. Watch the full video here.

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Davie Dauzat is being charged with the murder and beheading of his wife Natasha in their Texas home. A close friend of Natasha spoke with Heavy about their relationship. Read more on the story here.

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President Barack Obama finally visited Louisiana on Tuesday after floods ravaged the area, leaving at least 13 people dead, and met Alton Sterling’s family.

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President Barack Obama met in Baton Rouge with the families of Alton Sterling and slain law enforcement officers.

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More than 20,000 have been rescued from flooding in Louisiana. These are photos from people in the region and stories of how you can help. 

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James Tullier, the father of a Baton Rouge Sheriff’s corporal fighting for his life after the mass shooting, posted a viral Facebook “Good Samaritan story” about his son. Read it here.

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Rudy and Josh Johnson, the brothers of reality TV star Toya Wright, were reportedly killed in New Orleans early Sunday morning.

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David Duke announced that he is running for a U.S. Senate seat to represent Louisiana. He’s got over a dozen Republican opponents though.

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Gavin Long was seen on surveillance video during his fatal attack on Baton Rouge police officers. Louisiana State Police released still pictures you can see here.

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Gavin Long, the gunman who killed three police officers in a Baton Rouge, had three guns. See photos of the weapons used in the attack here.

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