Chamillionaire “Good Morning”

You’ve probably never woken up next to Miss June and Miss July and ditched them to hang out with Miss Texas, right? Chamillionaire understands. If you had it like him and he was in your shoes, he’d probably hate on him too. But if you have any kind of dreams whatsoever, this song should be your anthem. If you’re a 42 year old man convinced he actually likes living in his mother’s basement, you might want to skip it. You’d probably hate it. And yes, that’s Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” in there.

The 20 Worst Couples

Love is in the air, but for some people it maybe shouldn’t be. Check out our gallery of the 20 fugliest, worst couples in the world.

Darth Vader in Love

Apparently some “new footage” has “leaked” from “Skywalker Ranch” which appears to be a “deleted scene” from Star Wars. Maybe this explains why Anakin Skywalker’s character has such a drastic change from the first three to the last three movies.