Lifetime’s latest thriller is Little Girl’s Secret, which stars Maria Bello. Meet the rest of the cast of this new made-for-TV horror movie.

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Little Girl’s Secret, a new Lifetime movie starring Maria Bello, debuts on Lifetime this weekend. Here’s a preview of the film and when it airs.

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From YouTube to Facebook, and magazine covers to open letters, these stars used a variety of outlets to give the world a glimpse into their private lives. With the overturning of Prop 8 in June, their timing couldn’t have been better.

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Actress Maria Bello has come out as a lesbian in an open letter in The New York Times. Have a look at Bello’s brave and clever words here.

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Movie audiences love a good sex scene. Hell, even a bad sex scene. Here’s 10 of the raunchiest, hottest and sexiest scenes ever filmed for cinematic audiences.

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