Looking for a cheap grinder? Our complete guide to the best grinders on the market for under $15. Read this before you buy a new grinder!

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Interested in finding the best rolling paper for your needs? Check out our awesome, informative guide to joint papers and blunt wraps!

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Happy April 20! Today marijuana enthusiasts celebrate cannabis culture around the world. Also known as 4:20 or 4/20, learn about the history of marijuana and how this date became associated with it.

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Happy 420! Today we celebrate cannabis culture across the world. Whether you smoke, eat, or drink marijuana, today is the day to recognize the contributions that weed has made to humanity.

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Read our in-depth guide to weed grinders. Find the best grinder for newbies and the best grinder for big stoners. Get the right grinder for your situation!

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Cannabis Cup 2017 in Las Vegas is being threatened with shutdown by authorities, leading to concern by recreational marijuana proponents that Donald Trump’s administration may crack down on legalization.

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The National Football League Players Association is drafting a proposal that would alter the penalties for players who test positive for marijuana use.

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Hugo Colorado’s water supply has been tainted by THC, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says. The state & FBI are investigating. Some think it’s a false positive.

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Whether you are a seasoned chef or a newbie in the kitchen, these cannabis cookbooks will allow you to infuse THC into everyday dishes as well as special treats.

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Get the most out of your hydroponics grow operation by customizing and automating your grow room’s temperature, humidity and CO2 levels using a master environmental controller.

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Growing cannabis? You need a CO2 regulator! This one simple thing can make a huge difference in how much weed you harvest at the end of a growing cycle.

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Inline fans are a crucial piece of equipment for hydroponic cannabis growers. Here are the top 10 brands and products for hydroponic ventilation systems.

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The technique is an extreme form of “hotboxing,” popular with avid smokers.

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Want to celebrate 420 in style? We put together an awesome list of the best gifts to get for yourself, or your stoner friends this 420.

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Happy 420! On April 20, marijuana smokers take a day to celebrate cannabis culture. Find inspirational and funny quotes about the benefits of marijuana here.

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Looking for an easy solution for watering and feeding your marijuana plants? All in one watering systems are the answer!

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