It’s not surprising that most of the Italian soccer players are taken. As Italy takes on Uruguay in the World Cup on June 24, let’s look at their WAGs.

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This is our big trailer wrap-up page for Nintendo’s E3 2014 “Digital Event!”

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Nintendo E3 2014

Here are all the highlights of Nintendo’s E3 2014 “Digital Event!”

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Here are the video game you need to save some dead presidents for come May 2014.

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Nintendo unveiled some pretty sweet footage of their upcoming games for 2014.

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Brick walls across the world have been adorned with beautiful video game graffiti.

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These T-Shirt’s are perfect for any gamer’s apparel.

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Check out these awesome artist renditions of some of gaming’s best characters.

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These exclusive 2DS and 3DS bundles are worth tracking down.

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Head to the local movie theater in your dreams if you wanna see these video game films.

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Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat finally goes down…in a wrestling ring.

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If you’re a hardcore gamer who’s going trick or treating, make sure you rock these outfits.

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