Spend some extended time with these awesome and free of charge Android mobile games from the month of March.

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Thanks to the Nintendo Switch presentation live stream, we now know when the new console will release, how much it will cost and what games you’ll get to play at launch.

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These games stand out as the best examples for the continued evolution of mobile gaming in 2016.

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While Nintendo’s latest console hasn’t been a smashing hit in the games department this year, it still offered up some quality experiences.

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In Super Mario Run, five pink coins are located just out of reach in each level. Here’s how to get all the ones in World 1.

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In Super Mario Run, tickets are required if you want to play Toad Rally, but how can you get more of these when you run out?

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Super Mario Run, the new mobile Mario platformer game, is relatively brief, so can players expect any additional content in the future?

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Super Mario Run, the latest Mario platformer for iOS, has been released. Is there any way to play the game on more than one Apple device?

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Nintendo’s 1st major mobile game places Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom for some endless hopping and bopping. Use this tips guide to master the game.

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In Super Mario Run, gamers have the option of playing as five characters other than Mario. How can you unlock and play as Princess Peach?

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In Super Mario Run, there are five unlockable characters to play as. How can Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette be unlocked?

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In Super Mario Run, several characters are available to play as, including Toad. How can you unlock him?

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Super Mario Run will hit iOS devices today, but what time is it going to launch, exactly? Why isn’t the game up yet?

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Nintendo will be opening their very own areas in Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. When will they open their doors? How much will it cost? What will it look like? Find out more here!

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The new mobile app Super Mario Run is on the way for iOS devices. When will it be released, and how much will it cost?

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Build a criminal empire, save an island from colorlessness, and learn to play guitar in this week’s game releases.

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