Death of Mario

Quicksand, bottomless pits, flying turtle shells, lava, and who can forget the spikes! Here’s 25 years worth of Nintendo’s #1 pitchman kicking the bucket.

Mario / Portal Mash-Up is Legit

So a few months back we posted the video “Mario With Portals”, an awesome little remake of the original Super Mario Bros with the addition of a portal gun. Ah, but it was only a dream… until now. Indie game developers Stabyourself have made the game a reality, and it’s available for download at Get on it!

If Game Characters Had Facebook Profiles

We never would have guessed how active game characters were Facebook. Goro looking ripped, Mario hitting the bar scene, ya know, the usual stuff. Unfortunately, it’s just clever Photoshopping, so don’t bother trying to befriend Star Fox. Find more at

Super Mario Subway Band

You never know what kind of entertainment you’re going to get on a NYC subway. Sometimes it’s a crazy person with a kazoo, other times it’s a band cranking out the Super Mario theme song on the morning commute. No need to hit the reset button for this one.

Super Mario Fingers

So the Japanese fellow you see here normally makes videos of himself dancing, injured his foot. But when you’ve got a YouTube channel to maintain, duty calls.