A new photo series purportedly released by the Islamic State shows ISIS militants participating in alleged martial arts training.

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A little boy at Peak Taekwondo & Fitness Center, in Temecula, California was trying for his white belt. He had to break a board, but was having trouble doing it.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is highly trained in martial arts, has a black belt, and competes at high level tournaments. Watch his training video here.

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The title is pretty self explanatory with this one. What you know about some nunchucks?

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We at Heavy.com are not fond of babies. We find them off-putting and gross. But this baby is pure badass. I’d like to see him in the Octagon.

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Bruce Lee gives us some musical wisdom on the flow of water. He also kicks a lot of dudes in the face in the process.

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Looking to sweep that special someone off their feet… and throw them to the ground? We’ve got the perfect romance guide for all your combat needs.

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Bruce Lee’s famous six inch punch gets the replay treatment with some dramatic music to set the mood. Just in case Bruce’s awesomeness wasn’t enough.

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This week’s Worst of Netflix tackles Gymkata, a martial arts movie so amazing that we had to put animations in the article to show you how crazy it is.

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Have you ever been punched in the face so hard your face broke apart? How do you feel about people who you see that happening to or doing that?

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