Councilman Kirby Delauter, in Fredrick County, Maryland, recently threatened to sue a local paper because he had not “authorized” a reporter to use his name.

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Stanford and its stifling defense welcomes Maryland to the West Coast when the teams meet in the Foster Farms Bowl. Can the Terps score enough to win? Find out here.

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The final podcast for Serial posted today with revelations about Adnan, Jay, and a killer named Ronald Lee Moore. Who killed Hae Min Lee and will DNA help?

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Ronald Lee Moore was the killer named in the last episode of the Serial podcast as the suspect in Hae Min Lee’s death. His DNA may prove Adnan Syed’s innocence.

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What time will the last episode of “Serial” season one be available tomorrow? When does it drop? Answers here.

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Nina Pham, the Dallas, Texas nurse diagnosed with Ebola, departed Texas for the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center in Maryland. Here is her message.

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Attendees at the 2014 Food Safety Summit got a taste of irony when the chicken marsala served later tested positive for C. perfringens, causing diarrhea.

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A new water-operated wheel is cleaning up trash and debris in Jones Falls. The conveyor belt pulls garbage from the river before it reaches the ocean.

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A car has crashed into WMAR Baltimore, an ABC affiliate, and a suspect has reportedly barricaded himself inside the building.

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A landslide in Baltimore swallowed at least 10 cars on E. 26th street, collapsing part of a road onto train tracks below. Watch the amazing video here.

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A female only barbershop quartet?!

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Timothy Virts allegedly kidnapped daughter Caitlyn but not her twin sister. Her mom Bobbi was found dead. See pictures that tell this tragic story.

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Which towns got 18 inches and which got 3? Find out here.

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Here are the pictures you need to see of the suspected gunman.

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At least 3 people are dead, possibly including the gunman, in the Maryland mall.

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A Maryland school teacher in the Montgomery County Public School system was charged with 14 counts including rape, child abuse, and child pornography.

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